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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sex Machineguns Band Tour 2002-2003 (SOLD)

                                                                    Condition : A+
                                                                    Saiz : M (19 pit , 25.5 length)
                                                                    RM (SOLD)
Sex Machineguns started in 1989 as a low-popularity Indie group, touring live houses and clubs. Their name is intentionally similar to that of the Sex Pistols and, according to the band, "implying that [we] machineguns are more radical than [the] pistols". They gained a large fanbase quickly and sold out their shows. They went on tour and spread their popularity all over Japan. Once they got back home to release their first video and live CD in spring 1997, they had developed such a fanbase that the first press of the video sold out instantly, to all parts of Japan from Okinawa to Hokkaidō.
In 1998, Sex Machineguns made their commercial debut with the release of their first single on Toshiba-EMI Records: "Hanabi-la Daikaiten." The single sold out all over Japan instantly, and it was decided they would go on a debut tour (which sold out completely in every location). Magazines began to run articles, and the "Hanabi-la Daikaiten" sold steadily, skyrocketing the band's popularity. In September they released their first album, which was another huge hit. They went on many tours, all selling out, and topped the singles charts all over Japan. As 1998 came to a close, the Sex Machineguns had topped the charts and played 62 concerts (all sold out).
The band's frontman announced that the band would be taking a "activity pause" on March 20, 2006. All members at the time except for Anchang had left the band and formed a new band/side-project called Elleguns which released a 6-track instrumental. In 2004, Clutch.J.Himawari and Noisy have formed a 3-man group called Dustar-3 with Yuki (formerly of Lucifer). Later in December 2006, Circuit.V.Panther, Samurai.W.Kenjilaw, and Speed Star Sypan Joe have started a new band known as Cycle. Anchang later reformed Sex Machineguns in 2007 with Ryotatsu Kuwae on guitar and Kenichi Imai on drums, and they released three digital download-only singles that year.
In 2009, some footage of the band performing was featured in the film Global Metal during a discussion about visual kei and heavy metal in Japan.

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